What is it?

A powerful but gentle hair dryer.

Good points?

Looking like a futuristic mallet the device is striking and begs to be picked up and examined which is easy as it weighs only 407g (0.89lb).

The Swift SE harnesses the power of Laifen’s proprietary brushless motor which operates at 105,000 rpm to generate wind speeds of 21m/s to subsequently dry hair up to five times faster than traditional dryers.

Thermo Control technology continually monitors the operating temperature and alternates between hot and cool air to maintain safe conditions. By relying on stronger airflows and less on excessive heat the device becomes suitable for even the most sensitive scalps.

Temperature control is made intuitive with a circular LED ring displaying three colours corresponding to different settings red for 80 degrees (hot air), yellow for 50 degrees (warm air), and blue for cold air (room temperature), ensuring a personalised and more efficient experience.

Incorporating negative ionic technology gives a repulsion effect on hair strands to prevent tangles and give a silky sheen to your locks. By generating close to 200-million negative ions the device also repels external water and locks in moisture.

Bad points?

There is nothing obvious with the design or operation but if I was being picky I’d have liked an additional temperature setting lower than the cold air mode.

Best for ...

Those yearning that smooth, sleek look you usually only see in shampoo commercials.

Avoid if ...

You require a dryer with a long power cord for a salon as this cable is a little less than two metres or six feet.

Score: 9/10.

Laifen Swift SE high-speed Hair Dryer, £143.99 (laifen.eu)