What is it?

An AI powered smart security camera for your home.


Good points?

At the heart of the Imou Rex 3D is its powerful camera, delivering crisp and clear images with its three-megapixel lens and 2K HD resolution and night-vision capabilities.

The camera's digital zoom ensures that no detail goes unnoticed, while its optics are enhanced by its impressive pan and tilt range of 360 degrees.

A primary feature is its advanced AI algorithms, enabling intelligent motion detection distinguishing between pets and humans, false alarms are minimised, ensuring users are only alerted to genuine threats.

The smart tracking function adds an extra layer of security by automatically following suspicious movements within its field of view.

In terms of design, the camera's striking black ball appearance adds a touch of modernity to any space.

Other features include two-way talk, pre-recorded verbal responses, WiFi/ethernet connection, an impressive smartphone app allowing comprehensive controls and micro SD card storage up to 256GB.

Two additional features worth mentioning are the Cruise mode, which automatically pans and monitors a set area and the Privacy mode, which offers a simple yet effective solution to cover the lens when not in use similar to a laptop webcam, ensuring privacy when needed.


Bad points?

The camera stands out like a sore thumb if you have lighter coloured ceilings.


Best for ...

Those with an open plan area where you can take full advantage of the 360 degree view function.


Avoid if ...

You need to cover an area without a power outlet as this device doesn’t possess a rechargeable battery.


Score: 8/10.


Imou Rex 3D Indoor Smart Security Camera, £39.99 (diy.com)