What is it?

An LED table lamp.

Mood lighting has come a long way from the lava lamps that were all the rage in the 1970s or the heyday of dimmer switches, a requisite of 1980s yuppie bachelor pads alongside cringe-inducing leopard print and black satin sheets.

In more recent years, candles have enjoyed soaring popularity as Scandi-chic trend hygge has been embraced (or "coorie" as is the Scottish equivalent).

Another option is to plump for the iDual Jasmine Table Lamp.

Good Points?

Although modern in function, its slick design still presents an elegant retro feel which would allow it to grace most bedrooms or home offices. The swivelling head neatly projects light to different angles without any instability or rocking at the base.

The 430 lumens LED illumination provides more enhanced features such as dimming and a colour wheel with options to match your mood.

Choose from 16 ambient effects and presets – such as candle, working, relaxing, sunrise and sunset lighting – with the remote control which is universal to all iDual products.

The lamp also doubles as a device charger thanks to the built-in USB port.

Bad points?

The colour wheel on the remote is not scrollable so it can take a fair few clicks to find the shade are looking for.

Best for ...

Those with an appreciation for setting a mood as blazing overhead lighting (aka "the big light" in Scots parlance) can be the death of a romantic night in. Alternatively a red hue would offer the perfect ambience for viewing horror movies.

Avoid if ...

You are just after a bog standard reading lamp as this is offers much more.

Score: 9/10.

iDual Jasmine Table Lamp, from £74 (diy.com and dunelm.com)