What is it?

An indoor/outdoor environment monitor.

Good points?

Equipped with three sensors for monitoring temperature, humidity and air pressure, the Eve Degree from Elgato is a useful tool for any household.

It can be placed on any surface given its diminutive physical footprint which is no bigger than a pack of Post-it notes.

Utilisation of the sensors can range from simply determining if the temperature indicates that a sweater is required or gleaning whether the humidity is right for a specific plant to flourish.

The device not only gives real-time data but also provides historical conditions via the accompanying app.

Monitoring information is shown on an LCD display with large print which makes it easier to view than some offerings from competitors.

Connectivity and integration with some smart home devices are included so you can remotely determine the environmental conditions from anywhere.

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Bad points?

The gadget is on the expensive side for what is essentially a watered-down weather station.

Temperature readings seemed to be intermittently erratic depending on what surface the gadget was placed upon. Wooden surfaces were better suited to consistent readings.

Best for ...

Those who want to take temperature and humidity measurements without a need to control the conditions. The sleek design will also appeal to those who prefer a more sophisticated look rather than a rustic feel.

Avoid if ...

You need fast and precise readings as there was a noticeable lag when moving the device between hot and cold environments.

Score: 7/10.

Elgato Eve Degree Temperature and Humidity Monitor, £62.95 (reichelt.co.uk)