What is it?

An advanced Internet router from Netgear.

With the increasing influence of streaming entertainment on our lives its never been more important to utilise your bandwidth efficiently.

Ask any gamer to name their number one system gripe and chances are they will complain about their bandwidth.

Netgear have introduced the Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 which aims to reduce bandwidth bottlenecks and enhance online experiences.

Good Points?

The most impressive aspect and undoubtedly its biggest selling point is the DumaOS software which controls your home network and turns any compatible router into an infrastructure management system.

The key benefits of this software are the inclusion of geo-filtering which allows you to set the maximum distance between you and a relevant server. This reduces lag and the connection time of the service you are using.

The software also allows you to prioritise devices and services running on your network to eliminate congestion by issuing more resources to them.

A built-in network monitor displays real-time statistics on the gadgets that are connected and what impact they are having. This enables you to block unwanted devices and software providing greater security and maintains a stable connection.

Bad points?

A lack of broadband modem capabilities means that ADSL customers such as BT will need to keep their existing router in place which is an unwanted layer between you and the Internet.

Best for ...

Anyone who desires the maximum quality level when either playing games or watching streaming services online.

Avoid if ...

Your Internet usage consists of web browsing and the occasional file download.

Score: 8/10.

Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500, £239.99 (scan.co.uk)