What is it?

A refresh to RHA's popular in-ear headphones making them compatible with the latest iPhone models.

Apple's move away from the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack was a blow to many customers.

It left the option of changing to a new mobile phone that supported the jack, switching to wireless headphones or hoping that your favourite headphone models would come in lightning format.

Step forward our new hero: the RHA MA650i.

Good Points?

Glasgow-based RHA is renowned for its quality headphones and those high standards have transferred well to the MA650i version. The company's signature noise-isolating aluminium housing design delivers a clear sound without background interference.

Audio is provided by a unique and powerful 380.1 dynamic driver that distributes crisp detail across the frequency range. All my tests achieved above average marks and a blind comparison blew similar units out of the water.

Supplied with eight pairs of buds, the headphones will fit most ear shapes and means you can also lend them to friends or family without worrying about hygiene issues.

Call and audio control are easy thanks to the handily placed remote which also doubles as a mic to allow the "Hey Siri" function.

Bad points?

Costing less than £60 a pair there can be no complaints, especially as there is also an Android optimised variation.

Best for ...

Those who purchased a new iPhone and are looking for a great pair of wired headphones.

Avoid if ...

You have grown accustomed to using wireless headphones.

Score: 9/10.

RHA MA650i with Lightning, £59.95 (rha-audio.com)