What is it?

A smart indoor air quality monitor.

Nothing is more fundamentally important to our survival than the air we breathe. Thankfully maintaining an optimal environment is now easy with devices such as the Airthings Wave Mini.

Good Points?

Set up is a breeze by simply placing the gadget on a flat surface, pulling the battery tab away to power the device and following the brief instructions on the app.

Checking air quality can be carried out instantly in two ways, the first being via the smartphone app and the second by waving your hand in front of the device.

Both provide visual feedback through a traffic light system with green signifying the air quality is good, yellow giving warning and red indicating that toxins or chemicals have been detected and action needs to be taken.

The Wave Mini can be used in conjunction with the Airthings Ecosystem for total home coverage. All purchased devices can be connected via Bluetooth or Airthings proprietary SmartLink protocol.

Any historical data collected can be viewed and exported on the app or by logging into their website.

Bad points?

The monitoring sensor's sampling interval is five minutes which means toxins could build significantly in the time between samples being tested.

Best for ...

Those who would like to live in an optimal and healthy environment without shelling out for expensive commercial systems.

Avoid if ...

You require continuous testing and real-time feedback as the Wave Mini is an entry level monitor. Some may find the need for three AA batteries annoying.

Score: 8/10.

Airthings Wave Mini, £79 (airthings.com and amazon.co.uk)