What is it?

A rechargeable smart vacuum with mop attachment for more efficient cleaning.

Keeping hard-surfaced floors debris-free is a constant challenge, particularly if they are on a home's main thoroughfare. Sticky marks won't lift by vacuuming alone and mopping simply moves dust around.

The only way to avoid time-consuming and fiddly equipment changes is to combine vacuuming and mopping elements with one device. Step forward the Roidmi X20.

Good points?

The optional mop attachment makes short work of transforming hard surfaces from grimy to gleaming. The X20 sucks up loose dirt and wipes away any residual mess in one effortless motion.

A high-quality Samsung Lithium battery provides up to 65 minutes of portable usage which, when combined with the integrated battery management system, can extend the running time beyond that of a similar product. The smartphone app gives handy updates on the battery level and status.

Two filters keep harmful dust and allergens locked away. This separation of dust also prevents any suction loss and helps maintain optimum operation of the powerful 120,000 rpm motor.

Bad points?

Being a non-native UK appliance, the Chinese-made X20 requires a two-pronged adapter to fit UK sockets. The accessory locking mechanism can be a bit tight and tough to remove attachments. But these are merely minor quibbles.

Best for ...

Those who have a mixture of hard and carpeted floors as the transitions are easy with this appliance.

Avoid if ...

You have no hard surfaces that need mopped before vacuuming. In that instance, Roidmi's excellent F8 Storm would be the best option.

Score: 9/10.

Roidmi X20, £449 (amazon.co.uk)