What is it?

A foolproof cloud storage solution proffering plenty of useful features.

Personal data has never been so valuable or sought after by – sometimes unscrupulous – external parties and it is vital to keep it safe. For many of us, this usually entails moving files to a folder on a computer that only you have the password for.

The downside is that this fails to include factors where security is mitigated, such as a lack of encryption, physically moving the hard drive to another computer or hardware failure resulting in corruption or complete loss of information.

Security covers more than just preventing access to your data and that's where cloud solutions such as Sync.com can be a useful asset.

Good points?

What sets Sync.com apart from its competitors is simplicity. The perceived complexity happens in the background, including end-to-end encryption, data integrity and access management.

When installing the software, a local sync folder is created which becomes your cloud portal. Anything placed in this folder automatically gets synchronised to your cloud space similar to Microsoft's OneDrive.

Completing the package are easy sharing and direct uploads to prevent your computer filling up.

Bad points?

No Linux support as of yet but it is said to be on the way.

Best for ...

Those looking to protect their data and ensure it is never lost with 24/7 accessibility.

Avoid if ...

All you want is the means to back up a collection of images amassed over the years. In that instance, you could easily utilise the likes of an existing Amazon Prime account with its unlimited storage capacity for images of any size to do the job.

Score: 8/10.

Sync.com Cloud Storage, from £6 per month (sync.com)