Yeah, of course I tried a few Malbecs last week. I mean it was World Malbec Day last Wednesday, but while the world almost automatically thinks ‘Argentina’ when the grape is mentioned, my current favourite is an old world beauty from Spain.

Argentina still punches way above its weight when it comes to the grape, producing rich, often jammy wines with good structure, but in recent years countries like South Africa, Australia and even France, the spiritual home of the variety, have been fighting back.

Argentina's immediate neighbour Chile is also making some gorgeous examples of late, but despite the South American stranglehold on the grape, my second favourite was from South Africa, a country with a reputation for trying a bit of this and a bit of that when it comes to wine making.

So, what should you expect from a really good Malbec? The simple answer is the smooth delivery of powerful flavours across your palate with an emphasis on autumn fruits. While most examples are fine on their own, they love to pair up with rich dishes.

Clunia Malbec, Spain

I could just say it was outstanding, but even that wouldn't do this corker justice. Smooth, rich red fruits with hints of caramel on the finish. Mmmm. Great Grog £26.79

Colome Malbec, Mendoza

Intense dark fruits with hints of spice and a warm mouth filling finish. Gorgeous. Waitrose Cellar £18.99 G