Someone recently asked me for advice on wines to supply for their wedding and it got me thinking. Unless you’re flush and daft, or you really adore all the guests, you don’t really want to aim high, but then again, no one wants to be known as the tight sod who served mouthwash.

So, after rigorous tasting, all of which was done as my sacrifice to research, I came up with two options on styles for both red and white; but let me explain the process.

Firstly, never serve rose as wedding wines often need to be both an aperitif and a partner to food.

Secondly, avoid ‘styles’ such as Rioja, Chianti, Bordeaux or Burgundy because pound to a penny there will be as many haters as lovers, and last of all, avoid boxed wines as they look bleeding awful and if you buy something with any flavour at all, they rarely save you much.

In the end, I narrowed it down to Aussie Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc from anywhere for the whites and Aussie Shiraz or Chilean Merlot for the reds and even with the ridiculous hotel margins added, none of these should exceed £20 a bottle. Actually, if the corkage is reasonable, use an independent merchant who will often do a sale or return deal as well.

Chin Chin False Bay Sauvignon Blanc, South Africa

A gorgeous relaxed sort of Sauvignon with grassy notes, peaches and refreshing acidity.

Harris & Co £8.95

Wave Crest Shiraz, Mouth Benson, Australia

Soft, warm fruits with autumn fruits and plums and a lightly spicy finish.

Majestic, £8.99