This dish was a firm favourite in the restaurant during the festive period. It’s not a dish that can be rushed so it will take a bit of time but the results are well worth it.

Serves six-plus

2-4 sweet potatoes
2 x butternut squash
4 x large onions – diced
400g chestnuts – halved.
100g dried apricots – chopped
10 tbsp cranberry sauce
200g breadcrumbs
2 tbsp coconut oil
Crispy onions

Preheat oven gas 5/ 190C/fan 170C To begin, warm 1 tbsp of the coconut oil in a pan and slowly cook the onions until soft. Take two mixing bowls and divide the onions between both. In one bowl, add the apricots with the onions and in the other, add the cranberry sauce. Mix half of the breadcrumbs into one bowl and the same with the other. Set these aside.

Next, you need to thinly slice the squash and the sweet potato. If you have a mandolin, use this to slice them into thin pieces; if not, use a sharp knife.

In a lined baking tray roughly 30cm x 20cm, place a layer of squash sheets on the bottom followed by a layer of the apricot mix and a sprinkle of chestnuts. Next a layer of sweet potato followed by a layer of the cranberry and another sprinkle of chestnuts. Repeat the layers until your tray is full of the layered mix. With the remaining coconut oil, brush over the top layer.

Cover with foil and bake in the oven for around 40 minutes. After this time use a knife to see if the layers of squash and potato are cooked through.

When cooked, remove from the oven. Place a sheet of greaseproof paper over the top. Using a tray of similar size place this on top and using a heavy weight press this down onto the terrine. Place in the fridge to cool with the weight on top.

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Allow to press for around six hours or so. When chilled, turn out of the tray and cut into slices. Finish in the oven or in a pan and serve with crispy onions.

Gary Townsend is head chef at One Devonshire Gardens by Hotel du Vin, Glasgow. See or phone 0141 378 0385 to book.
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