Sometimes you need that little extra buzz to get you in the festive spirit - lucky for us Aldi has got just the thing.

The supermarket chain has already been teasing us this week with its social media video of its new Christmas campaign.

And now the retailer is rolling out its boozy Advent calendars to help us countdown to the big day the right way.

The alcohol calendar range is the latest addition to the supermarket's festive calendars which also include a kid-friendly storybook calendar and a Lacura beauty calendar for make-up lovers.

Whether wine is your thing or you prefer a beer or glass of gin, Aldi has got you covered with its 2021 alcohol calendar range.

Aldi's Wine Advent Calendars

The Herald: Aldi's wine advent calendars. Credit: AldiAldi's wine advent calendars. Credit: Aldi

Wine Selection Advent Calendar

Aldi's sell-out wine advent calendar is back for another year and it's been given a stunning new look.

You''ll find a 187.5ml (or 200ml for sparkling) behind every door which will have you bringing in the festive season in the best of spirits.

The wine selection advent calendar is available for £49.99.

Sparkling Wine Advent Calendar

If your Christmas needed a little extra sparkle this year, we recommend investing in Aldi's Sparkling Wine Advent Calendar this festive season.

You'll find a 20cl bottle of bubbly behind every door, for the incredible price of £59.99.

Aldi's Beer Advent Calendars

Aldi's Beer Advent calendars leave you feeling lager than life this Christmas.

The 12 Beers for Christmas Advent Calendar

The Herald: 12 Beers for Christmas advent calendar. Credit: Aldi12 Beers for Christmas advent calendar. Credit: Aldi

Behind each door, you will find one of Aldi's finest beers which are sure to get you in the festive spirit.

Each of Aldi’s 12 Beers of Christmas advent calendars includes one of:

  • Double IPA 440ml
  • Chocolate Orange Stout 440ml
  • IPL 440ml
  • Vanilla Stout 440ml
  • NEIPA 440ml
  • Double IPA 440ml
  • Lager 440ml
  • Brut IPA 440ml
  • Strawberry Lager 440ml
  • Grapefruit Pale Ale 440ml
  • Perfect Storm IPA 440ml
  • ICONYC (American Style Pale Ale) 440ml

The 12 Beer calendar can be yours for just £24.99.

Aldi's 24 Beers for Christmas Advent Calendar

The Herald: The 24 Beers for Christmas Advent calendar. Credit: AldiThe 24 Beers for Christmas Advent calendar. Credit: Aldi

Its 24 Beer edition features two of all the beers included in its smaller 12 door version. 

You'll find the same great-tasting range from Aldi's classic Double IPAs and Vanilla Stouts to its fruity Strawberry lagers and Grapefruit ales.

Aldi's larger calendar is perfect for sharing the festive fun this holiday season.

It is exclusively available online for an impressive £44.99.

Aldi's Haysmith Gin Advent Calendar

The Herald: Haysmiths Gin Advent calendar. Credit: AldiHaysmiths Gin Advent calendar. Credit: Aldi

Gin o'clock comes every day in the countdown to Christmas with this Haysmith Gin advent calendar from Aldi.

The calendar costs just £69.99 for the 24 miniatures of Haysmith Gin and includes a mix of 6 flavours such as:

• London Dry Gin

• Rhubarb & Ginger Gin

• Sloe Gin

• Seville Orange & Persian Lime Gin

• Raspberry & Redcurrant Pink Gin

• Spiced Plum & Clementine Gin