Animal rights activists staged a sit-in protest at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Glasgow, with five arrested after the action.

At around 7.30pm on Saturday seven members of the group Animal Rising entered Cail Bruich on Great Western Road.

The protestors, some of whom were dressed in formal wear, occupied tables reserved for customers which start at £140.

The group voiced their displeasure at the "meat-heavy menu", as part of their call for a move to a plant-based food system and rewilding of farm land currently used to rear animals for meat.

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One of those taking part, Marshall, 25, said: "How we currently treat intelligent, feeling animals and our beautiful countryside is not reflective of who we want to be as a society. We can have a safe, secure food system that feeds everyone without the need to harm animals or devastate nature.

"We can do so much better than places like Cail Bruich that serve excessively expensive meals and refuse to cater for vegans in the midst of our cost of living and environmental crises. 

The Herald: Members of the group Animal Rising occupy Cali Bruich restaurant on Great Western Road in GlasgowMembers of the group Animal Rising occupy Cali Bruich restaurant on Great Western Road in Glasgow (Image: Animal Rising)

"Supporting farmers to transition to a plant-based food system would allow us to return a significant amount of land to nature, enabling tree-planting, carbon drawdown, and for our threatened biodiversity to thrive. It would also save the lives of a billion animals each year in the UK alone."

Other luxury restaurants in Southampton, Bristol, Birmingham, Lancaster, and London were targeted by Animal Rising on Saturday evening.

Police confirmed that five of the seven had been arrested.

A spokesperson said: “Around 7.55pm on Saturday, 20 May, 2023, officers were called to a business address on Great Western Road, Glasgow following reports of a peaceful protest within.

“The group were given advice and asked to leave the premises. When they refused, five people were arrested and removed.

“Enquiries are ongoing.”

Cail Bruich have been contacted for comment.