What is it?

A multi-faceted fitness tracker with audio guidance and motivation.

Strapping on a fitness tracker for the first time is something of a double-edged sword. The representation of your effort laid bare in cold, hard and often unforgiving numbers can be deflating and result in quick capitulation.

Moov Now offers something different to keep you focused on what actually matters through motivation and simple instruction.

Good Points?

The simple screen-free design dispenses with the usual distracting numbers game that can lead to a slump in form towards the end of a session when you just want to see the target – be it steps or weight reps – completed.

Every metric you would want and expect can be measured including the currently trendy sleep analysis. You can also avoid the inclement Scottish weather and hit the pool this winter with the Moov Now's swim mode.

The device really comes into its own when you select one of the pre-programmed workouts to follow. Here you can get step-by-step voice commands on the training you require.

It will tell you how to perform the action and even tips to improve your form for the likes of slow leg cadence while running.

Bad points?

The voice commands are a tad robotic and would be better changed to an angry sergeant major demanding you lift those legs higher.

Best for ...

Those who need extra motivation to hit that daily 10,000 steps target.

Avoid if ...

You prefer to leave your mobile at home while exercising as the Moov Now is dependent on a smartphone to hold and display your statistics.

Score: 8/10.

Moov Now, £45 (moov.cc)