NATALIE McGarry MP faces being sued for up to £30,000 after mistakenly accusing an pro-Union campaigner of being a Holocaust denier, it has been reported.

The Glasgow East MP, who is currently suspended from the SNP, was served with a writ demanding a response by May 3.

It is understood that she could face a defamation trial that could lead to her having to pay £30,000 plus legal fees if she refuses to apologise and pay  damages.

It has been reported that Ms McGarry was served the writ by Alastair Cameron, head of Scotland in Union, after she posted on Twitter 'leading Unionist figures do know that "Scotland in Union" is headed by an internet troll and an outed holocaust denier, right?'.

Ms McGarry deleted the tweet, which is suspected to be a case of mistaken identity, before posting 'I'd add however, that you should be careful who is distributing your materials, but apologies, etc'.

However, Mr Cameron, who is a consultant in the financial services industry, told the Daily Mail: "Reluctantly, I have been forced to take this action because of Miss McGarry's failure to respond to my request for an appropriate apology for her offensive and inaccurate comments on Twitter.

"It is not acceptable for a Member of Parliament to make such an awful accusation against someone and then simply brush it off."

Earlier this year, JK Rowling demanded an apology and charity donation from Ms McGarry after the Glasgow MP accused the Harry Potter author of supporting 'misogynist Twitter trolls'.

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The Glasgow East MP resigned the SNP whip last year following allegations of missing cash from the accounts of the organisation Women For Independence.

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