Many parts of Scotland are to enjoy the hottest day of the year so far with temperatures surpassing 20 degrees in many parts of the country. 

Temperatures are to rise to 23 degrees in the west of the country. Fort William and Glasgow will see temperatures of around 22 degrees with Edinburgh to experience a slightly cooler 19 degrees. 

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Last year, Scotland had an average monthly temperature of 15.3 degrees, with 2018's May being the hottest May in 100 years. 

While Scotland bakes in the sunshine, many parts of Europe are experiencing colder temperatures, with Glasgow warmer than summer destinations across Europe. 

Craig Snell of the Met Office said: ”If you are lucky enough to have the week off, Scotland is going to be warm and very sunny this week.

“It’s a huge improvement on what we have had in May so far and will make places in England seem distinctly chilly.”

He added: "It is looking like a good chunk of Scotland will see temperatures increase day-on-day this week.

"The sunshine we are seeing today is what we can expect through to the latter part of the week.

"Even eastern coastal spots which would normally feel a bit cooler will share in the higher temperatures.

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"It’s going to be a nice spell of weather, typical of what May normally produces in Scotland."

Weather experts have also issued a "high-risk sunburn" warning to Scots, with high UV levels predicted across the country.

The highest temperature this year in Scotland is currently 24.8°C, recorded on Easter Saturday