KILMARNOCK FC were forced to take action over issues with a disabled fans shelter at the centre of a safety row a year before Rangers fans crashed through the roof, it has emerged.

The Rugby Park club has denied receiving any complaints from a disabled fans group or Rangers about issues in advance of the the shelter collapse which happened as Rangers fans celebrated a stoppage-time winner.

East Ayrshire Council has told the Rugby Park club to address certain issues as "a matter of urgency". It is not yet clear what those issues related to.

It has emerged that the council raised concerns about the disabled shelter's safety last year which led to repair work being completed on August 10.

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A document covering a local authority inspection in May, last year, seen by the Herald states that the "disabled spectators area requires repairs to the roof and guttering".

Rangers Disabled Supporters Club chairman Billy Paterson said they had warned clubs of the dangers of such disabled shelters for years but said nobody took action.


The Scottish Professional Football League has said it will work with police and both Kilmarnock and Rangers to determine what action is needed following the shelter collapse, pitch invasion and issues with turnstiles at Rugby Park.

One man was injured as the roof of a disabled shelter collapsed when Rangers fans spilled out of the stand to celebrate Connor Goldson's stoppage-time winner on Sunday.

Mr Paterson said both Kilmarnock and Rangers had been contacted at "various times over the years" about the dangers of the shelter but said: "They don't do anything about it."

He says there should have been increased stewarding, as has happened at Aberdeen FC.

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Rangers also insisted the matter had previously been raised with the Rugby Park club in the past on behalf of supporters.

But a Kilmarnock FC spokesman said: "We are not aware of any such complaint."

Television footage appeared to showed three supporters climbing on the roof while a number of fans ran on to the pitch and track-side to celebrate with Goldson and his team-mates after the defender had sealed a 2-1 Ladbrokes Premiership win on Sunday.

Footage on social media showed police, stewards and fans trying to hold up the disabled shelter roof while fans in wheelchairs got out from underneath.


Some Rangers fans were also said to have been caught in a crush going into Rugby Park as turnstiles were unable to cope meaning they missed the start of the match.

Witnesses reported Rangers fans being crushed trying to get in.

The away end was only approximately three-quarters full at kick-off but, by the dramatic conclusion of the game, Rangers fans could be seen sitting and standing on the stadium's stairs and entrances to the stand.

East Ayrshire Council have visited the ground and ordered the club to address problems as a “matter of urgency”.

Rangers said it had previously asked Kilmarnock to look into a second safety issue, the "failure" of their ticketing system, which was apparent "well before the kick off and which was the cause of serious congestion and crushing."

Stuart McCall, a legal manager for the council said:“Following our initial meeting with Kilmarnock Football Club’s stadium safety officer yesterday morning (Monday) we are arranging a further meeting later this week, once the club has been able to put together additional information concerning the issues which arose on Sunday.

“Yesterday’s meeting was an initial meeting with the Stadium Safety Officer and it must be appreciated that the Club are still in the process of reviewing all relevant matters.

“KFC has cooperated fully with us in the past in response to any requests that we have made in relation to the issue of the annual safety certificate. There was obviously a problem at the away supporters’ turnstiles on Sunday but the cause of that is still to be definitively established.”

Meanwhile, Kilmarnock director Billy Bowie has said he wants Rangers to be part of a full-scale probe into the events of Sunday.

Footage shows the roof collapse.

Speaking to the Daily Record, he said: "There are loads of claims and counterclaims flying around so we've decided to have a meeting with all the authorities and everybody involved to find out what went wrong.

"Something was clearly not right as there were more people there than the amount of tickets sold.

"So we will have an investigation into everything that went on to make sure it's put right.

"We'll be doing that this week and it would be nice to have Rangers round the table but we'll have to see what they've got organised."

Police Scotland launched an investigation into the "pitch incursion" on Sunday.

Kilmarnock FC have been approached for further comment.