All elections are important – but tomorrow’s vote is the most important in many, many years. The  future of Scotland, our NHS and whether Boris Johnson gets the majority he craves are all on the line.

Scotland didn’t vote for Brexit or Tory austerity – but we face being dragged out of the EU against our will by Boris Johnson and his band of right-wing Brexiteers.

Boris Johnson has proven time and again that he simply can’t be trusted –and he is completely unfit for office.

This is a man with a long record of insulting minorities, ducking responsibility for his actions and of playing with the truth. If he wins a majority of seats in the UK, he will take that as a green light to do whatever he wants to Scotland. He will continue to ignore and sideline Scotland’s interests.

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Boris Johnson may think that if he says “get Brexit done” enough it will happen – but the reality is it is just the beginning of years of more Brexit chaos. If the UK does leave the EU, what follows are years of arguing about trade deals and future relationships. Leaving was supposed to be the easy part.

And with Boris desperate for a trade deal with Donald Trump, there’s a real threat to our NHS. 

Scotland doesn’t have to settle for a bleak and broken Westminster system. A vote for the SNP on Thursday is a vote for a better future.

The SNP are the challengers to every Tory-held seat in Scotland –meaning that the best way to lock Boris Johnson out of government is to vote SNP.

SNP MPs at Westminster will stand up for Scotland’s interests and put forward a progressive agenda to tackle some of the biggest issues we face.

We will fight to protect Scotland’s place in Europe and escape the chaos of Brexit. We will work to end the decade of harmful Tory austerity, which has led to a rise in poverty and foodbank use.

We will bring forward an NHS Protection Bill to guarantee trade deals will not undermine our health service or open it up to profit driven exploitation. We will seek to scrap the immoral and costly Trident nuclear weapons system.

We will call for the devolution of immigration and drugs policies so we can introduce a system that works for Scotland.

And we will propose a bold Green Energy Deal to tackle the climate emergency and build on our world-leading targets.

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Tomorrow, by voting SNP, we can make it clear that decisions about Scotland should be taken here in Scotland – not by Boris Johnson.

A vote for the SNP is a vote to protect our NHS, for an end to Tory austerity and for a party that will always stand up for Scotland. It’s a vote to say that whether or not Scotland should be an independent country must be a matter for the people of Scotland to decide – and not Westminster. 

Scotland cannot afford five years of Boris Johnson – so tomorrow when you cast your vote I am asking you to vote SNP to lock him out of office and for the better Scotland that we know is possible.

Nicola Sturgeon is First Minister of Scotland and leader of the Scottish National Party