The last time the UK hosted a December general election, George V was on the throne, the Flying Scotsman had just been built and those lucky enough to own a radio had just experienced the first broadcast from the BBC in Glasgow.

In dull, if unexpectedly mild conditions, the eligible electorate turned out to cast their ballot, throwing the UK into constitutional chaos in the process after a minority Conservative government led by Stanley Baldwin fell to a coalition between Labour’s Ramsay MacDonald and the Liberal party less than a month later.

Thankfully, things have moved on since then.

As Scotland heads to the polls for the first December vote since 1923, the result of this election is likely to be similarly contentious.

Here is everything you need to know about casting your ballot on Thursday.

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When can I vote?

Polling stations across the UK open from 7am on Thursday morning and close at 10pm the same night.

That gives you 15 hours to cast your ballot, but even if you are late, there is still an opportunity to have your voice heard.

Under rules set out by the electoral commission, eligible voters in the queue at their designated polling station, whether inside or outside the building, must be allowed to have their vote.

However, we would suggest leaving plenty of time.

Where can I vote?

Those registered to vote should have received their polling card, containing information on where to cast their ballot on Thursday.

HeraldScotland: Dogs are not eligible to vote in general elections.Dogs are not eligible to vote in general elections.

Most polling stations are in community centres, schools or a public building in your area, but this varies depending on where you live.

But voters are reminded that they can only cast their ballot at the location listed on their polling card.

If you have not received your poll card yet, get in touch with the Electoral Commission as soon as possible to avoid missing out.

And if you still are not sure where to vote, the commission’s website has everything you need to find out.

Do I need to take ID with me?

Worried you might have to languish outside a polling station until someone who looks old enough can go in and vote for you?

Fear not, it’s a general election, not a bottle of Frosty Jack’s.

You do not need to take identification or your polling card with you to the polling station.

As long as you are registered to vote, your name will be on the list.

Staff will need to cross you off and will check your address.

But that is it.

Once again, you do not need to take identification or your polling card with you to the polling station.

Can I still register to vote?


Can I have a postal vote instead?

No, the registration deadline for a postal vote passed on November 26.

What about a vote by proxy?

Nope, that deadline was on December 4.

When will we find out the results?

After the polling stations close, the votes will be counted and the first results should be returned in the early hours of the morning.

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An overall winner, if there is one, will not be declared until much later.

Are The Herald doing one of their brilliant live blogs on the day?

I’m so glad you asked, yes we are.

We will have full coverage throughout election day from our team of reporters and a live blog running through the night as the results come in.

Be sure to check, @HeraldScotland on Twitter and for the latest updates.