A German politician has asked fellow MEPs to join in with a rendition of Auld Lang Syne following Wednesday’s final vote on the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.

Terry Reintke called on colleagues to “show they are leaving a light on” for their friends in the UK by singing the Robert Burns-written folk song immediately after the European Parliament votes on Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal.

The Prime Minister signed the withdrawal agreement alongside EU leaders last week, paving the way for the country to officially leave the bloc at 11pm on Friday.

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However Reintke, who represents Germany’s Green party, said she wanted the UK to “leave on a high note” and show Europe’s “friendship and alliance” with the country would extend beyond January 31.

In an email shared with fellow MEP’s, she wrote: “For many of us, this will be heart-breaking.”

“In the first meeting of the EU-UK friendship group, I suggested that we should still try to end it on a high note. Yes - we will be sad, but let us also be optimistic about the future and show that our friendship and alliance will endure far beyond January 31.

“To send this signal of hope I suggest that after the vote on the Brexit withdrawal agreement, we all stand up and sing the old farewell song ‘Auld Lang Syne’.”

Reintke also included a link to lyrics and music of the song for those who did not know them.

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The song is traditionally sung at New Year, though the lyrics are often mis-sung, while the practice of crossing arms and linking hands also differs across the world.

Reintke’s email continues: “Let us make this a symbol of friendship, hope and solidarity. Let us show that we are leaving a light on for our friends. Please spread the word.”

The withdrawal agreement vote begins on Wednesday at 3pm GMT.