A Glasgow Elvis impersonator became a viral star this week after performing an impromptu gig from his tenement balcony. 

But the party was all shook up when the police were called and officers were scrambled to the scene. 

Now we can reveal what happened to the imitation Elvis after officers crashed his concert.

Police Scotland told us he was not arrested but was given "suitable advice".

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: "We received a report of loud music from a property in the Coatbridge area around 11.40am on Monday, 30 March, 2020.

"Police attended and asked the man to stop. He was given suitable advice."

Performer Dean Allsopp, 47, said he performed a few songs to "spread some positivity".

"It was meant for NHS staff and everyone struggling right now," he told the Scottish Sun. 

"We can't have people together right now, so I had to improvise.

"A lot of people asked me to do some sort of performance. I thought it was something nice for the community." 

On social media, users were split about the gig, with some suggesting it was mean-spirited for neighbours to call the police and others saying they were perfectly justified.

"Who's the joyless w***s that called the cops man?" one Twitterer wrote.

"Not nice if you're nurse just back from night shift or parents trying to get kids off to sleep," another added. 

"Very much depends what time and how long.

"As me Da taught me: 'Allus leave 'em wanting more!'"