More than half of Scots would feel safer is Nicola Sturgeon's Government had more powers to tackle coronavirus, a new poll has revealed.

The majority of Scots (53%) believe it would be safer if reserved powers, including airport checks nad border controls, were reserved to Holyrood.

Conversely, just 21% said they would feel less safe if the First Minister was completely in charge.

The Panelbase poll, for Scot Goes Pop, asked pollers: "Some decisions about the lockdown in Scotland, such as whether to keep schools and shops closed, are the responsibility of the Scottish Government.

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"Other decisions, such as whether to introduce airport checks and border controls, are the responsibility of the UK Government.

"Do you think people in Scotland would be more safe or less safe if the UK Government’s decision-making powers relating to the lockdown were transferred to the Scottish Government?”

Of those who voted No in the 2014 independence referendum, 46% believed Scotland would be safer with full powers.

Just 28% said they would be less sage - with a similar case for those who vote for the Liberal Democrats and those who voted to leave the European Union.

There appears to be a fall in support for the Conservatives, with just 25% admitting the public is safer with Prime Minister Boris Johnson in charge - in comparison, 38% backed Sturgeon's strategy.

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Nearly 60% of Labour voters backed Sturgeon over the Westminster Government, with 59% in the “more safe” category.

“When these figures are taken into account, it’s no surprise at all that the Yes side has found the small amount of extra support required to produce a pro-independence majority," said James Kelly of Scot Goes Pop.

"Unless the UK Government can find a way of urgently rebuilding its reputation in Scotland, it’s perfectly conceivable that majority could grow further.”