Police in Glasgow have prevented a clash between people calling for the removal of a statue of Robert Peel and counter-protesters.

Hundreds of people turned out at the city's George Square to 'protect' the Cenotpath and other monuments for the second day.

A group of anti-racism campaigners looking to have a statue of Metropolitan Police founder Robert Peel removed were being escorted down North Hanover Street when they overtook the police escort and began running towards George Square.

Videos show counter-protesters then begin running towards the group before police were able to get in between the two.

Missiles could be seen flying between the two groups, according to Press Association, as police formed a line across the street with their batons drawn.

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Those looking to see the statue removed were forced back up North Hanover Street by cops.

A police helicopter could be seen flying over the city centre.

Police Scotland have said they do not believe that clashes in Glasgow are related to the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Chief Superintendent Alan Murray said: “Police Scotland can confirm that officers were aware of a disturbance near George Square, Glasgow today.

“At this time the incident does not appear to be connected to a Black Lives Matter protest.”

The original protest was cancelled by Glasgow Youth Art Collective after it claimed it could not access George Square and “police targeting activists”.