IT’S got to be patio wine this week hasn't it? Thankfully, there are plenty of crackers to choose from for a warm evening. We don't often get the chance to celebrate consecutive days of sunshine so making sure the rack is stocked up with the lighter varieties is a rare pleasure and one that I've revelled in these last few days.

I lined up a few old favourites in the fridge and thoroughly enjoyed a tasting session with nothing more complicated than a chicken salad. First off we're the Pinot Grigio wines. Pinot is a little on the light side when it comes to the body but they are blessed with refreshing acidity and it only really takes a few minutes in the fridge to make them perfect. Too cold and you lose the lovely apple and pear flavours.

The chardonnays were next and while the unoaked versions were lovely and refreshing, the winner for me was an oaked New Zealand wine which had a sublime hit of vanilla in the middle. Rieslings are always a favourite and my focus this week was on the Aussie versions which just are just fabulous at the moment, but my patio prize for the best wine to partner the sun has to go to the Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs. Ripe gooseberries and fresh grass on the nose and a palate full of tropical fruits and racy acidity. Bring on the sun.

V Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough

Surely one of the best value Marlborough Sauvignons. Excitable citrus fruits on the nose with a palate chock full of gooseberries and fresh apple slices. Absolutely gorgeous.

The Good Spirits Co £9.50

Exquisite Claire Valley Riesling

Aldi’s Exquisite range often falls short of the name but this one is definitely an exception. Grapefruit, limes and apples are the leading notes in the wonderful tune this wine plays.

Adli, £6.99