Susan Aitken, the leader of Glasgow City Council, has stated she was following social distancing guidelines when out in a Glasgow bar with colleagues.

Ms Aitken said the reaction has meant she will probably not visit bars in the near future.

The council leader has criticised some reporting of the group’s visit to Metropolitan in Merchant city as “unfair” and said they followed the rules and the venue had compliance measures in place.

Ms Aitken said the group of four women knew there were three households present and maintained a one metre distance.

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Ms Aitken was in the bar with two SNP colleagues, Jen Layden and Christina Cannon, who had formed an extended household, and Labour councillor Aileen McKenzie.

On twitter, Ms Aitken said: “I usually roll with the punches on media reports about me. But variations on the word ‘appeared’ are doing a lot of heavy lifting in reporting of this and it’s very unfair to a venue who had lots of compliance measures in place.”

“The three households in my group were seated at a table for four clearly designed to allow us to maintain a distance of 1m from each other - which we did, staying on our own side of the table for the entire time we were in the venue. We were all very conscious of distancing.”

She acknowledged that onlookers may not have understood there were only three households present and said she was aware of her responsibilities and not to allow room for doubt.

Ms Aitken added: “We knew we were 3 households but observers wouldn’t have. I understand I have a responsibility to set a standard and not allow any room for doubt that I personally take the guidance very seriously. I have apologised for any concern that might not be the case.”

However, she repeated that guidance was followed

Ms Aitken added: “But the ‘appearance’ of not maintaining distancing has now become the focus. If someone could draw the inference I’m not extremely serious about the guidance, I’m sorry. But it doesn’t follow that I wasn’t actually following it or that the venue didn’t support us to do so.”

She said the reaction has meant she will be unlikely to visit a bar but encouraged others to continue to support the hospitality sector.”

So that’s that. I probably won’t be going out again. But you should. Glasgow is open for business the local hospitality sector badly needs our support. Do it safely, observe the guidance, leave if you’re unsure and definitely don’t go on a pub crawl.”

Among those who criticised Ms Aitken on the basis of a photograph was Glasgow Tory group leader, Thomas Kerr, who said she was being "Reckless”

However, a photo later emerged of Mr Kerr with four other people from different households at the one table with no distancing taking place.

He has since apologised.