What is it?

A smart health tracking ring with some unique metrics.

Good points?

Most wearables come via wrist bands which can be uncomfortable to wear while sleeping. The Oura Ring is worn on a finger which reduces discomfort and encourages you keep it on as you slumber.

By placing sensors on a finger, the device can capture data direct from the arteries rather than wrist capillaries. This is more accurate as skin thickness is lower and why most medical pulse oximeters are placed on fingers.

Accuracy of data is ensured by infrared light photoplethysmography (PPG) which penetrates deeper than green LED lights used in other manufacturers products. This data is then collated and presented to you in a report with emphasis on specific base numbers for readiness (how prepared you are for the day ahead), sleep and activity scores.

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Drilling deeper into these metrics and general health with the accompanying app can provide impressively detailed information such as body temperature, resting heart rate and heart rate variability to name a few.

Although not a medical device, it can alert you to new changes in your body – such oncoming illness due to elevated temperature compared to your normal readings. It can also be useful for doctors to know your baseline as drinking coffee or exercise before an appointment can skew results.

Bad points?

The device is incredibly expensive for a consumer product of this type and will price all but wealthy hypochondriacs out of owning one.

Best for ...

Those who want as much information on their day-to-day health as possible.

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Avoid if ...

All you require is a simple sleep or activity tracker as there are other cheaper options.

Score: 9/10.

Oura Ring, £235 (ouraring.com)