The Government should allow volunteers to receive the coronavirus vaccine now to get life back to normal as quickly as possible, a Tory MP has said.

Bill Wiggin MP of North Hertfordshire, questioned whether the vaccine testing regime needs to be followed “so religiously”, and suggested that those “who feel most at risk” should volunteer for an early vaccination.

He added that the faster a vaccine for Covid-19 is distributed, “the more likely we are to protect the most vulnerable in our society”.

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Mr Wiggin told the Commons: “Let’s get these experts approving vaccines.

“We are only three months away from the final approval of the first vaccine and that is why we don’t need a six-month extension to the powers granted by the Coronavirus Act.

“Vaccines for Covid-19 are the key to eliminating this virus.

“The faster one is distributed, the more likely we are to protect those most vulnerable in our society and this is the area we should be working on.

“Do we really need to wait until the end of the year? Do we need to follow the existing testing regime so religiously? Is there an opportunity to hurry things up?

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“Perhaps we can look at people who feel most at risk and may be willing to volunteer for an early vaccination.

“And don’t tell me it is impossible because that is what we’re always told just before it becomes possible.”

He added: “In these difficult times my constituents want hope and after the sacrifices they have made, the vaccines that we have funded and the lives that have been saved we all deserve it.