Hundreds of Scots have signed up to help make pathways safer in Scotland.

With much of the country on yellow alert for icy conditions and snow, the spotlight has turned to the safety of residential streets, with some remaining ungritted.

East Ayrshire Council is asking volunteers to help grit hard-to-reach pavements as part of its winter resilience scheme.

It follows community resilience groups delivering medication and shopping to those in need during the last nine months of lockdown restrictions, and now, it is hoped those efforts will be put to good use on street safety.

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The Council will provide volunteers with training, full PPE, shovels, buckets and footway spreaders so that everyone is fully equipped for the task. So far, over 300 people have signed up to the initiative.

Ayrshire Roads Alliance have been the people developing the local volunteer groups to help grit during the winter weather.

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They said: “This partnership working has led to a significant improvement in the Council’s ability to carry out additional footway gritting operations in areas that we would not be able to get to so easily.”

Any community group or resident who would like to join the winter resilience group scheme should email for more details.