The Herald:

SCOTLAND might not be jumping with the Covid as much as it was this time last year. But John Swinney’s new Department of Recovery is so big he’ll need his own private supplier of PPE masks and sanitiser. His first task surely, must be to get on that Downing Street fast-track procurement pathway that Boris and Matt use to reward big Tory donors.

I fear Swinney has been sold a pup with the biggest ministerial brief in modern democratic history. It’s so wide and all-encompassing that anything that goes wrong over the next five years will be covered by it.

I’d be checking my pension right now, John. And just make sure you get invited onto Peter’s WhatsApp group. If you haven’t had an invitation by the end of the month then watch your back.

So, for those wondering how Nicola Sturgeon has remained unopposed for so long here’s that Swinney portfolio in full and what it really means.

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