The Herald:

THE UK Government’s rap sheet grows longer with each passing season. If the UN had a body that polices these matters it would be considering an international ASBO.

There was something seedily inevitable about the ruling by a High Court judge that a £500k contract awarded by Michael Gove was unlawful. Mr Gove gave the contract to a small firm whose husband and wife owners had “long-standing personal relationships” with both him and Dominic Cummings, the former special advisor to the Prime Minister.

We’re now at the stage with this Tory administration that a presumption of guilt must inform your scrutiny of its actions.

Last month Matthew Hancock was found guilty of similar shenanigans when a judge ruled he’d acted unlawfully in delaying the publication of contracts carried out during the pandemic.

Not long after that, the Government was ordered to cease and desist from a black ops operation designed to prevent Freedom of Information requests deemed to be troublesome. It’s almost as if, knowing many of their actions to be illegal, the Government had moved to ring-fence them from accountability.

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