I RARELY write about one single producer but a glass of malbec saved the day last week when I over-sizzled the lamb chops. It reminded me of just how many years I've relied on the wines of Luigi Bosca in times of culinary or personal crisis.

In fact, it's 26 years ago now since I opened my first one, an assemblage of malbec and merlot which I remember noting down as gorgeous. Since that day, I've always kept a Bosca close by, like that best friend you keep on speed dial or the box set of Friends that you simply can't throw away even though you don't have a DVD player any more.

Like most New World wineries, Bosca uses a wide range of grapes with many produced as single varietals and others in blends but, for me, their No1 hits will always feature a starring role for malbec. Yeah, good malbec from Argentina is a bit like a cliche now but you need to remember that these guys tamed the beast years before most of their rivals. They were releasing soft, extremely complex fine wines at a time when much of the opposition were still producing big hairy beasts with enough tannins to coat your teeth and they have continued to stay ahead of the pack.

Take their Cabernet Bouchet, for example, which uses old clones of Cabernet Franc. I'd challenge anyone to find a finer example at any price from anywhere in the world.

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Luigi Bosca Malbec Seleccion de Vistalba 2018

One of the most aromatic malbecs I've tasted, but unlike many wines with plenty on the nose, it doesn't disappoint on the palate. Soft, rich autumn fruits with gentle notes of spice and tobacco on the finish. Its a gorgeous wine and a steal at this price.

Waitrose £16.99

Gewurztraminer, Bosca

This one shows the sheer versatility of the boys and girls at Bosca. If pudding wines float your boat, this is about to become your lifeboat. It’s got a typical floral nose that leads into a liquidised tropical fruit bowl...no other way to describe it. The finish is clean and quite refreshing for this style of wine. It's stunning, folks.

Bancroftwines.com £15.99 50cl