I realised the other day that it’s an age since I last tasted and wrote about Champagne, so with Wimbledon in full swing and the summer definitely here at last, the fizz must flow.

While Prosecco and non-generic sparkling wines have been all the rage these last few years, they still can't compete with the grand old lady of bubbles, the quality of which has been incredible across the board over the last few years.

Only three grapes are allowed in Champagne and not all of them are used in every wine. The grapes are chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier, the latter of which is probably a mystery to many drinkers.

Anyway, much of the blended Champagne uses all three, whereas Blanc de Noirs uses the two red grapes and Blanc de Blanc uses only chardonnay. The most common question I get asked is which style I prefer. The truth is, I love them all, bar perhaps the demi secs but I've never believed sugar and bubbles make a good combo.

Champagne really does go well with strawberries by the way, but they are also incredibly versatile wines to pair with other foods ranging from fried chicken and lobster, to pork dishes. The rose versions are particularly good with spicy takeaways.

Anyway, here's a few crackers to enjoy with the tennis. Good luck, Andy.

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Lete-Vautrain Cote 204 Brut NV

I've tasted this a few times and it's just lovely. Crisp apple notes and the occasional whiff of elderflower. Not one of the big boys but cracking value.

The Good Spirits Company £30

Delacourt Cuvee Rose Brut

Who needs strawberries when the flavours are abundant in the wine itself? There are hints of crushed raspberries, too. The finish is crisp and refreshing. Overall, a gorgeous wine for the price.

Marks & Spencer £22

Piper-Heidsieck Rosé Sauvage

Now for something a bit different. Piper have launched a fabulous limited edition rose presented in a gift box that is also a fully functioning barbecue. How's that for special?

Thefinestbubbles.com £120