The next stage of lockdown easing in Scotland is set for July 19, but when will Nicola Sturgeon provide an update to confirm if the move to level 0 will go ahead? 

Scotland recorded its highest number of daily Covid cases ever last week, but the Scottish Government seem keen to continue with the scheduled plans for easing lockdown. 

Despite numbers rising, hospital cases are fairly stable, meaning that the  vaccines are doing their job and preventing Covid causing serious illness. 

Here's when Nicola Sturgeon is set to give her next briefing on the Covid situation in Scotland. 

When is Nicola Sturgeon providing an update on lockdown easing?

The Scottish Parliament is currently in recess, meaning there is no First Minister's Questions and that Nicola Sturgeon is not providing weekly parliamentary updates. 

However, the First Minister is set to outline next week whether Scotland will go ahead with the planned move to level 0 on July 19. 

Ms Sturgeon will confirm Scotland's next steps for easing lockdown on Tuesday July 13, just six days before the proposed easing date. 

Parliament will be virtually recalled on Tuesday to allow Ms Sturgeon to provide an update on the Covid situation and MSPs to scrutinize the Scottish Government's decisions. 

What will Nicola Sturgeon say? 

The First Minister is set to confirm if Scotland will move down to level 0 on July 19.

Level 0 is Scotland's lowest level of Covid restrictions which will see hospitality venues allowed to return to normal licensing hours and most businesses permitted to reopen. 

How many cases are in my area?