What is it?

A child-friendly smart speaker with parental controls.

Good points?

Unlike the original Echo Dot, the kids' edition offers additional features including the necessary safeguards for protecting children online. Its main selling point is a filter which will block explicit content, such as songs or other web audio.

You can also disable or set limits to shopping sites or implement spending caps which means you can keep track of all expenditures.

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In keeping with the device's parental vision ethos, you can review all aspects of content accessed through the gadget such as voice recordings, websites visited and other media platforms like podcasts.

The Alexa voice assistant will also ensure that only age-appropriate responses and suggestions can reach your child. These settings can be altered with some customisation of white lists and other permitted material.

One useful feature is the ability to drop-in or make an announcement which effectively gives you command of the device like an intercom. This is great when you have family in multiple rooms and you need their attention without resorting to yelling.

Bad points?

The speaker understandably won't appeal to children over the age of 10 who are seeking a bit more freedom, so it has a short usage life. It is £20 more expensive than the standard Echo Dot.

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Best for ...

Those with young children who want to allow them access to technology without exposing them to the undesirable aspects associated with it.

Avoid if ...

You have teenagers because if you introduce something like this device you'll likely have a full-blown revolt in your home.

Score: 8/10.

Amazon Echo Dot Kids, £59.99 (amazon.co.uk)