What is it?

A 2K webcam designed for modern remote working.

Good points?

The camera has High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology enabled which essentially improves picture quality when viewed on compatible devices such as new televisions, smartphones and computer displays.

Dynamic range is simply a fancy term for allowing a greater number of contrasts and brightness tones giving more depth similar to how the human eye perceives many shades of the same colour simultaneously.

QHD 2K reaching a resolution of 2592 x 1944 with a five megapixels lens provide an optimum visual experience when recording, web streaming or engaging in online meetings.

Two adjustable field of view modes allow an easy switch between wide-angle and focused aspect ratios. To aid flexibility the device has an impressive autofocus feature which at 1080p and 60fps will track your movement to keep your face from pixelating when moving closer or away from the camera.

The Herald: Ausdom AW651 2K HDR WebcamAusdom AW651 2K HDR Webcam

Dual omnidirectional microphones with built-in noise cancellation can filter out embarrassing background distractions such as your barking dog or a teenager belting out a powerful rendition of REM's Shiny Happy People (or whatever young people listen to these days) from two rooms away.

The sliding camera lens cover is a nice additional for the more security conscious users.

Bad points?

You can swivel the camera from left and right but not up and down which can make getting the perfect angle difficult.

Best for ...

Those looking for a value for money webcam that has all the features needed for either recording or participating in online meetings.

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Avoid if ...

You require fully adjustable camera orientation as the head swivel is limited and the tripod legs are a fixed length.

Score: 9/10.

Ausdom AW651 2K HDR Webcam, £59.99 (amazon.co.uk and ausdom.com)