Police in Glasgow could make up to 300 extra arrests a day during COP26, according to reports.

More than 10,000 police officers from Police Scotland and south of the border will be deployed in Glasgow for COP26 due to likely conflicts with environmental protesters that could “overwhelm the justice system”, the Sunday Times reports.

COP26, taking place from October 31 to November 12 is set to be the biggest UN climate change conference since the conference in Paris six years ago.

World leaders including US President Joe Biden are set to attend, as well as former US President Barack Obama, who is expected to meet with young climate activists and highlight their work.

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One demonstration taking place on November 6, organised by COP26 Coalition, is expected to see 150,000 protesters take to Glasgow's streets.

A senior police source told the Sunday Times: “We have no clear idea of the amount of trouble protesters drawn to the conference will generate, but it is likely to have a significant impact.

“Some estimates suggest we will have 150 to 300 additional arrests per day, which would strain our system."

Will Kerr, deputy chief constable of Police Scotland told the Sunday Times regarding protesters blocking roads: “If it’s the main route, if it involves movement plans for the world leaders, if it involves major disruption to the life of the city, then we will move in and if the protesters won’t move, we will remove them,”

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Kerr also told The Scottish Sun on Sunday that there will be a strong police presence in Glasgow on bonfire night on November 5, which usually sees an increase in low-level offending: “This is definitely not the year to be engaged in any disorder”.

In addition to increased police deployment and road closures, Glasgow will also face major disruption from multiple strikes from rail workers, bus drivers and street cleaners, as well as a march for Scottish independence taking place on November 6.