Cranside Winter Village, Glasgow

Cranside Winter Village will open on Thursday, November 25 for six weeks. Festive garlands and foliage, fairy lights, little Christmas trees, and heater stands to keep the Glasgow winter chill at bay. There’s also a massive Christmas tree to help you create and capture the most amazing ‘instagrammable moment’ with your loved ones!

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Pho, Edinburgh

This weekend, Scotland’s first

Pho-Vietnamese street cuisine restaurant will debut in St James Quarter. The family-run business will open on the fourth level offering reasonably priced food freshly produced on-site.

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THERE HAS TO BE, Finnieston

For a limited time, a group of hospitality businesses and the Clyde Docks Preservation Initiative have collaborated to build a late-night ‘pop-up’ bar at Alchemilla on Argyle Street showcasing all things sustainable in food and drink. The menu includes margaritas, old fashioneds and negronis, as well as drinks prepared with local brands like Panther Milk and Liquid Oats. There will be pizza and entertainment by DJs curated by the Berkeley suite nightclub.