What is it?

A compact digital laser measurer with more tricks up its sleeve than David Blaine.

Good points?

Taking guess work out of DIY jobs for inexperienced hobbyists can be a major task due to the inexplicable way material descriptions can switch between imperial and metric measurements. The common tape measure has degrees of inaccuracy which can render it less trustworthy over longer distances.

Fortunately, the Meazor device from Hozo Design removes the burden of thinking for dummies like me and offers complex floor planning without breaking a sweat.

The Herald: Hozo Design Meazor 6-in-1 Multifunction Laser MeasurerHozo Design Meazor 6-in-1 Multifunction Laser Measurer

Measuring with lasers is nothing new and such tools are a regular in a tradesperson's tool bag but what makes this nifty gadget different is not merely the cost or compact size, but also the impressive number of features it offers.

The 2D floor planning capability is as simple as pointing the laser at all corners of a room in sequence. The resulting plan can then be sent to a computer or smartphone for further development.

Other useful features include wall-to-wall measuring, scale ruler, protractor, the ability to instantly convert metric and imperial units, display a level line and scan and measure curves.

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A rotary wheel sensor on the end of the gadget allows you to run it against any contoured surface to get precise measurements for uneven objects, such as a statue or vase.

Bad points?

Although the user manual is comprehensive it takes time and patience to learn all functions.

Best for ...

Any budding DIY enthusiasts looking to get difficult jobs done in an accurate manner.

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Avoid if ...

You are old school and believe electronics should be kept out of the workshop.

Score: 9/10.

Hozo Design Meazor 6-in-1 Multifunction Laser Measurer, £145 (hozodesign.com)