What is it?

A pair of mini audio earbuds with impressive features for a reasonable price.

Good points?

1More is known for quality sound and innovative acoustic designs, particularly in smaller earbud models. The newly launched ComfoBuds Mini are billed as the world's smallest pair of Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) true wireless earbuds.

It's easy to understand the fuss as each earbud weighs no more than 3.7g (0.1 ounces), which is about the same as an A4 sheet of paper. The minimalist physical profile measures 17 x 13mm (0.7 x 0.5in) which equates to less than that of a typical marble.

This tiny form factor drastically aids comfort compared to, say Apple AirPods which have a protruding mic that can take many physical adjustments, making the 1More model feel snug against your skin.

The Herald: 1MORE ComfoBuds Mini1MORE ComfoBuds Mini

The company's QuietMax ANC technology utilises both feedforward and feedback microphones to cancel out ambient noise up to 40 decibels. This huge decrease in external interference greatly enhances music and call clarity.

An additional milder ANC mode allows you to hear and take in external noise to prevent a sense of claustrophobia that can occur for some people.

Additional features include Sonarworks SoundID personalised sound profiles, 24-hour battery life, QI wireless charging, IPX5 water resistance and an AI-powered Deep Neural Network (DNN) call enhancement algorithm.

Bad points?

The small units can be easily misplaced if you're not careful and I have noticed a slight lag when moving away from the sound source device.

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Best for ...

Those looking for an affordable but feature-packed pair of ANC earbuds.

Avoid if ...

You are not a fan of small buds and prefer over-ear headphones instead.

Score: 9/10.

1More ComfoBuds Mini, £92.99 (amazon.co.uk)