A group of climate activists deflating SUV tyres across the globe claimed they "can't be stopped" after more cars were targeted in Dundee overnight. 

The 'Tyre Extinguishers' claim their aim is to "make it impossible" for drivers to own an SUV in urban areas across the globe. 

The group has claimed responsibility for deflating another 15 cars in Dundee as well as another 90 in London on Thursday night. 

A Dundee branch of the climate vigilantes labelled the 'DunDeeFlators' have targeted vehicles in the City Quay area of the city, it is understood. 

It comes after 10 vehicles were targetted in Broughty Ferry last week. 

Drivers of the targeted vehicles have previously been left with leaflets stating "your gas guzzler kills". 

Earlier this month, the group informed the Herald Scotland they are aiming to target a total of 10,000 vehicles in the UK alone by the end of this year "hopefully far more than that worldwide". 

Justifying the vandalism, the Tyre Extinguishers labelled SUVs as "unnecessary luxury emissions" that are "a climate disaster". 

Their aim is to make it "impossible to own a huge polluting 4x4 in the world’s urban areas". 

Members of the group are pouring green lentils into the valve cap to help deflate the tyres. 

However, some 'DunDeeFlators' have now started using a 3D-printed valve cap to let the air out from the vehicles' tyres. 

A statement added that "no tyre is safe" as the 3D printed item could be used as a replacement for when a valve cap is too shallow to accommodate for their usual procedure. 

People across the globe have joined in on the actions encouraged by the Tyre Extinguishers, with the group claiming responsibility for vehicles being targeted in more than 20 UK locations, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands and even New Zealand. 

Police Scotland has been contacted for comment.