Right folks, after all the wonderful Jubilee celebrations, I thought we needed to get back to something closer to home so I've enjoyed one or two drams over the last few days, all of them Scotch by the way!

Yes, Scotch, because despite the recent news that English distilleries are now set to challenge Scotland's flagship product, and despite my particular love of the vanilla dominated Bourbons, Scotland is still the king of the dram by a long long way.

You only have to watch American TV to see how Scotch dominates the product style; Films and series aimed at a world wide market always have the main characters sipping scotch and making a point about how its a real treat in times of joy or sorrow.

Im not influenced by the snobbery around the single malt versus blends argument because there are good and bad examples of both. As a rule of thumb, blends are better value than single malts under £30 and vice versa but there are always exemptions, like the world class Johnny Walker Blue label!

Glenallachie 8 yr old

Aged in a mix of PX and Oloroso sherry casks as well as virgin oak and wine barrels, this has one of the most interesting noses of any whisky I've even tried. Honey, chocolate and figs are the stand outs for me with a cracking hint of treacle on the palate. Outstanding value

www.royalmilewhiskies.com £42.50

Glengoyne 15 yr old

Yeah, I know, Im a sucker for Glengoyne. Fruit and vanilla on the nose with nuts and caramel leading the charge on the palate. Immensely enjoyable.


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