Anyone for port? Yes, I did say port and, yes, it's still the summer, but I'm talking about two particular styles that come into their own at this time of the year, white and tawny.

White port is something that took me a long time to get used to but all of a sudden I'm hooked. I used to struggle to get past a palate that often resembled a tired, oxidised style but their charm has grown substantially in recent years and they even exude fruit by the bucket load.

Served chilled with a plain tonic or clear lemonade, it's deep, refreshing and somewhat comforting. It's totally useless in the depth of winter mind you but then the choices of port expand exponentially, don’t they?

Tawny port on the other hand is good all year round. Served lightly chilled on a summer's evening – you will struggle to find a more rewarding or complex drink. Tawny port is probably my all time favourite style of wine with its nutty, caramel and citrus flavours – chilled these seem to explode all over your palate.

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Churchill’s White Port

Quite a floral, inviting nose with dried fruits and a figgy finish. Drinks well on its own but it's oh so zingy with a dry tonic. £19

Sandeman 20 year old Tawny

Quite honestly one of the finest tawny ports normal money can buy. Dried apricots, mixed candied fruits and toasty vanilla are standouts for me but it's the overall smoothness that sets it apart from its peers. Wonderful. £39.99