What is it?

An affordable-yet-powerful household vacuum cleaner.

Good points?

Costing less than half the price of some offerings from big-name competitors, the i10 cordless vacuum cleaner from Proscenic is ideally placed to help with decreasing household budgets.

Ergonomically designed and weighing four kilograms allows the appliance to be easily manoeuvred which is a nice surprise given a lot of similar devices tend to have heavy unbalancing attachments.

Proscenic’s VBoost system utilises infrared technology situated on the brush head that detects surface type and alters the suction strength accordingly. This intelligence enables the device to save power and, ultimately, pennies for its owner.

VBoost operates on auto mode, one of three options that allow you to choose what is best needed for any vacuuming scenario. The other two modes are max, which uses full power, and echo which reduces electric consumption and noise.

A four-stage HEPA filtration system ensures that all but the tiniest particles are caught and held safely. That equates to 99.99% and gives peace of mind for those who suffer from allergy-related health issues.

The LEDs perfectly illuminate dark areas and allow you to spot otherwise invisible hair and dust which is a nice feature.

Bad points?

As a budget appliance you don’t get all the bells and whistles of some more expensive vacuum cleaners, but everything included is quality.

Best for ...

Those with homes on multiple levels which make it difficult to transport a bulky upright to each location.

Avoid if ...

You have longer fibre carpets in your home as the supplied attachments lack some efficiency to penetrate and reach stubborn particles of dust.

Score: 9/10.

Proscenic i10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, £159 (amazon.co.uk)