What is it?

A pair of high-resolution wireless headphones with noise cancellation.

Good points?

Boasting a transmitting transfer rate of 990kbps and a 40mm driver with lossless LDAC codec support the SonoFlow offers Hi-Res (short for high-resolution) capability.

Hi-Res audio essentially means that more of the original recording is captured and results in better sound quality which relatively few devices can currently handle. This is due to the sheer amount of data being passed from the sound source which has limited its uptake from some streaming services.

Although the headphones work extremely well with lesser sound formats they come into their own when listening to audio files with higher sample frequencies such as WAV, AIFF, DSD and MQA. This difference makes the experience worthwhile as you hear tracks the way they were meant to.

The combination of crystal-clear sound and active noise cancellation does wonders when you just want to drown out the world, dim your other senses and lose yourself if musical bliss. A five-minute charge of the battery gives five hours of playtime which is incredibly handy in life’s busy periods.

Bad points?

The accompanying app has a collection of looping soothing sounds that are all only 10 seconds long. These continual transitions are anything but relaxing.

Best for ...

Those who identify as audiophiles but believe all wireless hi-res headphones cost hundreds of pounds. Ideal for anyone with an existing library of locally stored audio files so they can avoid standard compressed audio from streaming sites.

Avoid if ...

Your preferred streaming service doesn’t support the minimum compressed Hi-Res formats such as FLAC and Apple’s alternative ALAC.

Score: 9/10.

1More SonoFlow Headphones, £89.99 (uk.1more.com)