Although the manner in which he performed his role made it hard for people to take him seriously, TV star Matt’s departure was one of Wednesday’s biggest stories. 

And, just hours before Matt Hancock confirmed he wouldn’t be standing at the next election, Matt Lucas confirmed his departure from the Great British Bake Off.

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How has the news gone down on social media?

Some people feel it was inevitable, given the extra TV work he’s recently taken on and how much that’s distracted him from the job. 

Sorry, I meant the Matt Lucas news. 

Oh, right. Some people feel it was inevitable, given the extra TV work he’s recently taken on and how much that’s distracted him from the job. 

What did Lucas have to say?

The 48-year-old released a statement reading: “Farewell Bake Off! It’s been a delicious experience and I can’t imagine a more fun way of spending my summers, but it’s become clear to me that I can’t present both ‘Fantasy Football League’ and ‘Bake Off’ alongside all my other projects. So, after three series and 51 episodes, I am cheerfully passing the baguette on to someone else.”

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How did he fare during his time on the show?

Lucas took over as co-presenter from Sandi Toksvig in March 2020, forming a bond with former Mighty Boosh star Noel Fielding, who said: “I will miss your sense of the absurd and your silliness…You are a huge comic talent but also a lovely man and a good friend.”

Not everyone was so impressed, however, with Lucas and Fielding’s sombreros and jokes during ‘Mexican Week’ in October leading to accusations of cultural insensitivity. 

How has the show addressed his departure?

The official Bake Off account tweeted: “We’ve loved having Matt Lucas brighten up our tent for the last three years, especially when laughter and smiles were so much in need. We appreciate everything he’s done for Bake Off, from working in covid bubbles to supporting the bakers. It’s been a pleasure - thanks Matt.”

Who’s going to replace him?

Comedian Joe Lycett is the bookies’ favourite, having already appeared on the show in a 2018 Stand Up To Cancer special. He recently made headlines for threatening to shred £10,000 in protest at David Beckham’s work for Qatar.

Other names mentioned include Chicken Shop Date host Amelia Dimoldenberg, Strictly Come Dancing contestant Ellie Taylor, I’m A Celebrity participant Seann Walsh and broadcaster Rylan.

There is also the possibility that he could be replaced by another famous Matt familiar to British viewers.

Beloved TV star Matt Berry?

Loathed TV star Matt Hancock.

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