What is it?

A budget-friendly smartphone watch designed for children.

Good points?

The R1s has been built with small fingers and wrists in mind that gives children an ergonomic introduction to mobile technology.

It comes with a 1.3-inch TFT capacitive touch-screen display that provides an intuitive interface that’s fun to operate. The device has 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage, which can hold over 1,000 songs and additional features such as heart rate monitoring..

One of the main selling points of the myFirst Fone R1s is its parental controls. The device comes with a special app that allows parents to set limits on screen time, restrict access to certain apps and websites, and even track their child's location in real-time using GPS.

The battery life is also impressive, lasting up to 8 hours of moderate usage. This is a great feature as it means that the watch will run for a day before needing to be charged. This process allows the child to have a regular break to coincide with homework, family time and sleep.

A 4G mobile data card facilitates instant communication for parents be it via voice, video call or SMS messaging. The inclusion of a one-touch SOS button provides an efficient method for kids to send a distress signal. This transmission includes the current location and 30 seconds of live sound recording.

Bad points?

The 2MP camera is a little fuzzy in low light environments which can be a little off-putting.

Best for ...

Parents looking for a safe way to give children technological independence and encourage a healthier lifestyle.

Avoid if ...

You’d rather shield younger children from the digital trappings of modern life.

Score: 7/10.

myFirst Fone R1s, £189 (myfirst.tech)