Hell on Earth?

BACK in 2022 the Batgirl movie partially filmed in Glasgow was scrapped. The footage shot is now lining a bin in some Hollywood exec’s office.

Gone it may be, though not forgotten. For actor Brendan Fraser, who was one of the stars of the flick, has been chatting about the experience of working in Scotland’s glamorous west coast.

“Gotham never looked better, cast as Glasgow,” enthused Brendan.

Which is a nice thing to say… though perhaps not.

For a quick google of Gotham, and up pop the phrases "oppressive architecture", "foundational neglect" and most memorable of all, "like hell had burst through the pavement and grew".

Which is nothing like the sweet-smelling pastoral idyll that is the Dear Green Place.

No wonder Batgirl didn’t work out.

Underwear and tear

A CHUM of John Gilligan from Ayr lost his dad a while ago. In his final years the old chap was looked after by his daughter, who did his washing every week and once hinted that he should maybe change his underwear more frequently.

To be precise, she held aloft a pair of his pants, then said: “Look at the state of these, da!”

To which the old yin responded: “Ach, ah know, hen. But don’t blame me. Ah gave somebody a wee len o’ them.”

Home wrecker

YESTERDAY we published a photograph of a lamppost that had been erected in such a way that it burst through the straw-weave roof of a neighbouring cottage.

David Chadwick from Carluke asks: “Was this a legacy of Thatcherism?”

Nic nobbled

AUTHOR Deedee Cuddihy realised the writing was on the wall for Nicola Sturgeon back in 2015.

Actually, it wasn’t so much the writing on the wall as the scribbling on the book.

For Deedee had just published her paean to the First Minister, a tome titled Love You Nicola! (Copies still available and taking up space in Deedee’s back bedroom.)

In 2015 the book had pride of place in the Sauchiehall Street Waterstones. Passing the display, Deedee noticed that some wag had inked a moustache on Nicola's face.

And that, alas, was the beginning of the end for the mighty Nic…

Puggled prison

WE mentioned Barlinnie is being used as a one-off comedy venue. David Donaldson points out that the prison is scheduled to close in 2026.

“Presumably,” he adds, “because it’s long past its cell-by date.”

Animal antics

“IF you ever spot a ghost in a chicken coop,” says reader Ian Harvey, “it’s probably a poultrygeist.”