UCU Scotland is at the centre of an antisemitism row over their support for an academic who this week claimed Jewish people were overrepresented in positions of power and do not face discrimination.

Sociologist Professor David Miller was sacked by the University of Bristol in 2021 following a high-profile and controversial investigation after he claimed Jewish students were being used as “pawns” by Israel.

The university found he did not meet the standards of behaviour it expects from its staff.

During the probe, the disciplinary process and his subsequent appeal, Prof Miller was supported by a number of academics, including the Scottish branch of the UCU, which represents around 9,000 academics, lecturers, researchers and university staff.

At their 2021 congress, the union passed a motion condemning the "attack on Professor David Miller by Zionist lobby groups.”

The motion also saw UCU Scotland agree to "promote campaign material to members to encourage support for David Miller."

Last year, Jeanette Findlay, who is now President of UCU Scotland, said it was the union's "greatest wish" that Prof Miller be reinstated at Bristol University.

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The Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) has now written to the union to ask if they still support Prof Miller in light of his latest tweets. 

A spokesperson told The Herald on Sunday: "David Miller's latest outbursts are yet further proof that we were right to launch a lawsuit against Bristol University on behalf of brave Jewish students, following which he was fired.

“We were heavily criticised by Mr Miller's supporters, but now many of his erstwhile defenders are recognising him for what he is.

“UCU must explain whether it maintains its stance of staunch support for Mr Miller. If it is changing that stance, it should answer whether the price of alienating its Jewish members was worth it to defend such a vile individual."

On Monday, the sociologist, whose research specialises in how power self-perpetuates through lobbying and propaganda, wrote on social media: “If you are not Jewish, do not be cowed by racial supremacists who want to hector you into political subservience.

“Judeophobia barely exists these days. Educate yourself about Zionism and the tactics used by its adherents.”

He added: “The facts: 1. Jews are not discriminated against.

“2. They are over-represented in Europe, North America and Latin America in positions of cultural, economic and political power.

“3. They are therefore in a position to discriminate against actually marginalised groups.”

Prof Miller then said he would begin drawing up lists of overrepresented Jews.

The anti-Israel campaigner now presents Palestine Declassified, a programme broadcast on Iranian state-backed station Press TV.

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Ephraim Borowski from the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities told The Herald on Sunday: "The antisemitic nature of Miller's views, which he has tried to disguise as anti-Zionism, is now expressed quite openly.

“This incitement puts Jewish communities at risk, so we hope that those who previously expressed support for Miller will take the opportunity to think about the consequences of his statements on Jewish students and Jewish people more widely, and dissociate themselves from him and his hateful opinions."

A UCU spokesperson: “UCU condemns antisemitism and works to actively tackle discrimination in all its forms. We will respond to the CAA's concerns when we receive their letter in due course.”

Prof Miller has been approached for comment. He has always strenuously denied he is antisemitic