Will Aid – a partnership between the legal profession and nine of the UK’s best-loved charities – will once again see participating solicitors waive fees in November

A  SHOCKING 53% of people in Scotland do not have a will, new research has found – with a new  poll commissioned by charity will-writing campaign Will Aid discovering  59% of the UK's population do not have paperwork protecting their loved ones in the event of their death.

To help more people create a Will and protect their family’s future, the annual Will Aid campaign sees solicitors across the UK volunteering their time to write Wills throughout November. 

While the statistics for Scotland are marginally better than the UK picture, Peter de Vena Franks, campaign director for Will Aid said it was still vital that those without one considered the benefits of getting their affairs in order.

The Herald:

He said: “The results show that nationally we have a population that is burying its head in the sand when it comes to preparing their loved ones for the inevitable.

“And in Scotland we can see that the situation is also concerning. Our poll delved into the many reasons why people avoid drawing up a will with many citing the difficulties they have talking about and thinking about death. We recognise that this is a tricky conversation to have with the people you care about but drawing up paperwork to protect the ones you love, after you are gone comes with a sense of peace.

“Another barrier to making a will was cited as expense which, in light of the current cost of living crisis, is understandable. 

“Will Aid can provide a cost-effective solution that comes with the security that a will is being drafted by a professional, regulated and insured solicitor while you also help vulnerable charities that are also struggling at this time.”

The Herald:

The study showed that in Scotland the main barriers to making a will were seen as lack of time with 33%, nothing worthy of passing on with 30% and money with 21%.

Will Aid runs for the month of November and raises money for nine of the UK’s best-loved charities: ActionAid, British Red Cross, Christian Aid, NSPCC, Save The Children, Sightsavers, Age UK, SCIAF (Scotland) and Trocaire (Northern Ireland). Solicitors volunteer their time to charity to write wills for members of the public. 

Instead of paying the usual fee for the will, the client is asked to make a voluntary upfront donation to Will Aid.

When asked about their reasons for not making a Will, participants of the poll cited time and cost, whilst others were reluctant to think about the end of their life and had postponed writing a Will. 

The suggested donation for a basic Will Aid will is £100 for a single will and £180 for a pair of mirror wills, making the process more cost-effective and allowing participants to tick this much needed task off their list.

Bob Inch, Partner of Rollos Law LLP said: “Taking part in Will Aid is a highlight of our year. 

“We are delighted to help people make a Will, whilst supporting vulnerable people through Will Aid’s nine partner charities.

“Will Aid is a great opportunity for people to instruct a solicitor to make their Will, to protect their family and ensure that their wishes are written down, should the worst happen. 

“It is important to have a Will written or update your existing Will especially after changes in life, like having children, buying a house, getting a divorce or during a time of ill health. Having a Will means there is a clear plan of action to follow that takes care of your family after you are gone. The Will allows you to communicate your wishes and prevents any potential family disputes. It also minimises confusion between family members and other beneficiaries.”

The Herald:

According to the research, 59% of adults don't have a will in the UK. Of those who do have a will, only 29% of people questioned claim to have a will that is up to date. What’s more, just 46% of parents surveyed have a will and have named guardians for their children.

Mr de Vena Franks said: “There are still so many people in the UK who do not have a will and this needs to be addressed. A will is the best way for a person to make an active choice about inheritance and estates, not to mention make decisions on the guardianship of underage children.”

The country’s shortage of people with wills, which ranks eighth of out nine in comparison to other regions in the UK, doesn’t paint the complete picture for the area, where two of its cities show very different results. 

Out of thirteen, Edinburgh ranks last with 40%, while Glasgow is in a staggering fourth place with 64%.

Those who wish to book an appointment with a solicitor to make a will in November can do so from September onwards via our website or by calling us on 0300 0309 558. For more info, go to